During my Fight against Fraud on the Court Crimes, I became a Corruption Freedom Fighter, a Rights Activist and a Whistleblower. This seemed to be a natural progression after experiencing the destruction of three self-employed businesses due to these crimes. Fraud on the Court occurs when officers of the Court—particularly judges and attorneys—commit fraud by way of material misrepresentations or perjury whereby the judicial machinery of the Court process becomes corrupted. When this occurs, all court orders and judgments are rendered null and void plus no statute of limitations exists. While engaged in this fight, I discovered a sham driven by total corruption that exists in the U.S. Court system, as well as State and U.S. Government operations.

Throughout my nearly 20-year tenure in the Securities industry, I came to understand the breadth of fraud that exists within that industry. As a Securities Trader, I easily identified the obvious banking foreclosure derivative debacle as being intentionally planned, plotted and perpetrated by the Federal Reserve, the Banks and the U.S. Congress. The fraudulent lending practices and hype created with artificial derivatives plus real estate market bubble would cause an appalling atrocity. People would experience these personal assaults in their own homes. This horrendous scenario is extremely different from that which occurs within the investing practices in the stock market. It seemed that millions of homes could be (and would be) blatantly stolen, causing harm to an exorbitant number of private property owners. These practices would come in the form of direct violations on each individual's Fourth Amendment rights as under the U.S. Constitution. The American people are truly living a "Wild West" scenario. This rampage of crooks and terrorists operates in all offices of government and many private sectors; including, judges, attorneys, sheriffs, district attorneys, county court recorders, realtors, bankers and politicians.

D.C., we've got a problem!

While working in the Securities industry, I became a volunteer Grief Counselor and Crisis Interventionist on a Critical Incident Stress Management (C.I.S.M.) team in 2002 at the Centre for Living with Dying in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. My experience with this team taught me valuable interpersonal skills necessary in dealing with individuals in-crisis and I became extremely well-versed in grief and trauma therapy. I attended several school and workplace events that dealt with these subjects and worked with youth as a Grief Counselor Facilitator in their Healing Hearts program. I then opened a private Hypnotherapy and Mind-body Healing practice. Additionally, as an Acupressure Therapist and Reiki Master, I performed energy work. My private practice was brought down by these Fraud on the Court Crimes.

There exists inhumane acts of tyranny and barbarism in the U.S. Court system that are designed to intentionally inflict extreme emotional trauma, encourage anger and create stress on an individual and/or family. There are numerous adversarial processes and "conflicts of interest" that are created to harm lives and families to facilitate attorneys' and/or judges' power and financial gains. These atrocious processes and procedures hold Americans hostage for years through their charades in Kangaroo Courts. No protections, NO oversight and NO accountability exists anywhere in the current American system to protect Americans from these predators and dens of thieves that rule these Courts.

Emotional trauma and stress can cause physical injury, illness and death. This harm is heinous and offensive. As a victim, I sustained three physical injuries as a result of the stress and duress of the judicial Fraud on the Court crime against me. The longevity of this crime is to be considered cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of an American's Eighth Amendment rights of the U.S. Constitution while the actual crooks wield their abuse of power and malfeasance, while they remain free. Chronic victimization oppresses and violates individual rights at an alarming rate. Tremendous Human Rights violations and violations against American rights exist. The U.S. Constitution is NOT followed or considered. Blame and liability can also be placed on colleges and law and medical institutions that instruct by employing curricula that condone these abusive practices. Medical costs increase due to the U.S. Government's perpetration and infliction of mass trauma and harm against the American people. These are acts of genocide and terrorism stemming from the U.S. Courts and effect society. Forced American impoverishment and homelessness is an assaulting agenda created to steal property and children for the redistribution of wealth and greed among these criminals.

My mission is to make Americans aware of these conditions. My war on corruption and the individual battles I fight are to promote societal healing, humanity and a better tomorrow. The corrupt practices in the U.S. and State Government operations are an outrage that should not be tolerated. I seek numerous indictments and the removal of officials from office at all levels of Government. The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. The usurped treasonous DEFACTO foreign corporate United States of America must be ousted and our nation must be restored to an American Republic.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." —Martin Luther King Jr.