July 4, 2012 has come and gone, still without freedom and independence for the American people and this country. I battled judicial, political and governmental corruption over the past six years. For two years prior I was unaware a Fraud on the Court crime existed at the court in my divorce case. I have taken many stances and written to many individuals about the need for change and a restructuring in the U.S. Government and U.S. Court structure. The following list is a recap of my direct actions with the U.S. Government.

  1. Issues on British Governance in the United States plus many criminals and mafia in the subverted U.S. Government. Did Britain never leave? In late 2011 the State of Pennsylvania announced a dismantling of the Commonwealth.
  2. Issues on Violations of Constitutional, Civil, Human, Property, Children, Elderly, Family and Victim Rights.
  3. In 2007, I made a short film Ban the Adversarial Process of Divorce and Adopt it as a Human Rights Violation. This film was sent to numerous politicians & to all members of the Senate & House Judiciary. It supported a Fraud on the Court initiative sponsored by Karin Huffer and Meryl Lanson of
  4. The Adversarial Process of Divorce is a criminal process used to harm family relations and break down the family structure. Families should not be treated as criminals this process must be banned. These courts terminate parental rights with no due process, create parental alienation and cause excessive grief and trauma to families.
  5. Sought Congressional Hearings on Judicial Corruption.
  6. The U.S. Court system is so broken its an absolute charade, the criminally insane are working inside these courts. These courts are Holocaust like renditions of gulags with gang members in robes, suits and dresses.
  7. Issues related to intentional infliction of emotional trauma which results in extreme stress and duress that can cause physical injuries, sickness and death. Heinous conditions exist in these courts of corruption all for attorney, judge, county or state gain.
  8. Chronic victimization to victims and their families for years on end. This is cruel and unusual punishment, slavery and hostage taking.
  9. The States, Counties and U.S. Congress are intentionally harming and robbing American families.
  10. Conflicts of interest for attorney, judge, county or state gain where individuals cannot protect their property, children, the elderly or their own lives.
  11. Reckless endangerment to the lives of American families health and the increase of health care costs.
  12. Reckless endangerment by corporations against harmed individuals in court cases and to society.
  13. Injustice vs. Justice and Abuse of Power.
  14. After Congressman Tom Lantos died in early 2008, I sought to replace his vacant seat in the election. I sponsored and filmed a community event on judicial corruption in Redwood City, CA by San Mateo Superior Court. About twelve or so community residents spoke out on their problems. Due to my own court cases multiplying in number plus preparing to go to jury trial against Attorney Eileen Avila, I could not run for this position. Congresswoman Jackie Speier filled the Lantos vacant seat in the U.S. Congress in 2008.
  15. On April 1, 2008, I subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear at my jury trial against Attorney Eileen Avila due to no judicial regulatory agencies operating in the State of California and cover-ups. During April 2008, I received a fraud ruling against Attorney Eileen Avila by Judge Marie Weiner.
  16. Reported inoperable State Bar Associations, Commission on Judicial Performance and other segments of corruption by these agencies in the State of California. These agencies appeared to be major organized crime racketeering operatives badly broken down under the Bush Administration. In 2010 in the State of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger withheld attorney dues to the State Bar Association for the year and a few State Bar individuals resigned.
  17. In California Head Supreme Court Justice Ronald George resigned in late 2010.
  18. Supreme Court corruption existed in my matter from the lacking oversight by Frederick Ohlrich, the Clerk of the Court in San Francisco, CA. Ohlrich resigned in June 2012, his career spanned 47 years. No wonder there is immense corruption in the California Court system.
  19. In September 2008, I spoke publicly at an Obama campaign rally in Half Moon Bay, CA with Congresswoman Jackie Speier in the background after she brought children onto the stage while I spoke about judicial corruption, a photo exists. Both Congresswoman Speier and Congresswoman Eshoo were invited to attend my hearing to vacate the fraudulent judgment entered by Judge John Schwartz a week later. They did not appear.
  20. After this event I sought a personal meeting with Congresswoman Speier and Congresswoman Eshoo as they both shared supposed representation of the districts where I resided in the courts jurisdiction. This meeting was denied because they have no jurisdiction for the courts. A firewall exists to the Judicial Branch of Government so no assistance is given to victims in the community. I began to seek this firewall be brought down as it only allowed the members of Congress to aid and abet the organized crime that exists.
  21. An Honest Service Fraud exists by members of the U.S. Congress. The U.S. Congress politicians do not represent their communities fully, they are complete stooges and puppets. They have allowed massive harm to residents in their communities. An Honest Service Fraud also exists in these courts.
  22. Media and rights agencies are paid off or they keep a lid on these heinous atrocities out of fear. There is No Freedom without Free Press. Media is Government controlled.
  23. Payoffs, kickbacks, bribes, perjury and mail fraud are rampant.
  24. The State of New York in my matter had serious problems with no operating judicial regulatory agencies. A oversight area for judges under Attorney Thomas C. Emerson in the Third Appellate Division told me it was alright to use identity theft of my person as long as it was not my attorney. A ludicrous outrage.
  25. Corruption of deeds at county clerks offices and all deeds should be held by homeowners in allodial title not with the county. Property does not need to be registered with the county. Americans should take back their deeds and stop paying taxes as NO Representation exists by members of Congress or within this broken government. No taxation without representation, believe me no representation exists.
  26. Issues related to the unlawful jailing of Attorney Richard Fine at Los Angeles Superior Court, CA in 2009 whom uncovered a huge $300 million dollar kickback scheme by the judges, California Board of Supervisors and others. These kickback schemes more than likely exist in all California counties that have a Board of Supervisors.
  27. SBX-211 a bill to cover-up criminal indictments on judges, attorneys, etc. was passed and signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. SBX-211 coincided with a bill passed by the Senate Judiciary to cover-up their own crimes and indictments in February 2009 when the Obama Administration came into office. I nullified and voided both of these bills and any similar bills to cover-up crime in any and all states or segments within the U.S. Congress or U.S. Government with my own executive order as an American. The American people must take authority because NO AUTHORITY OR ETHICS exist.
  28. International Law through Commerce is practiced violating American Law and Rights. Even segments of the police are run by International Law.
  29. Laws and rights are violated and discrimination is allowed to occur for criminal acts.
  30. No due process exists, a violation of the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  31. Tax collectors steal homes with no due process
  32. Unlawful jailings with no due process
  33. Unlawful detention in psych units with no due process, also violations to 2nd Amendment Gun Rights
  34. Unlawful seizure of children in child kidnappings for foster care/adoption kickback schemes by CPS (Child Protective Services) and the courts.
  35. Unlawful search and seizures, plus criminal trespass and breaking and entering in home foreclosures when foreclosures have not yet occurred.
  36. Realtors involved with theft of property besides county crooks
  37. In a separate event car insurance companies use no due process in giving fault. Fault must be proven. Issues related to assessments in traffic tickets or points by insurance companies to increase premiums. Ticketing in relationship to police entrapment and licensing issues with State governments.
  38. Bench trials are when the court is the bank. These crooks cash in on whatever they want, always command a Jury.
  39. Judges and attorneys do whatever they want with no ramifications
  40. Issues on Judicial Immunity with Chief Justice John Roberts in the Supreme Court and other Justices.
  41. Requested investigation of the Dr. William Ayre's pedophile case that had major conflicts of interest and a hung jury at San Mateo Superior Court plus discriminated against many victims ages in August 2009
  42. Human Trafficking through the courts, sex trade, child trade or the elderly.
  43. The drugging of children in foster care homes with psychotropic drugs, plus the medicating of families in courts. Using court appointed therapists and other court related businesses. Drugging many in society by intentional harm in the U.S. Court system. Drug or Pharmaceutical payoff schemes to medicate and harm society.
  44. Issues and conflicts of interest in the appointment of Judge Michael Mukasey to Attorney General Michael Mukasey whom presided over the 9/11 trials plus a cover-up in 9/11.
  45. I exposed many types of corrupt court cases and some corrupt court group cases once a U.S. Marshall was assigned to me in August 2009
  46. Submitted a complaint in 2010 to the United Nations Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review against the U.S. Government due to excessive Judicial Corruption violating Human Rights, All American Rights and Laws.
  47. Issues related to the murder in March 2010 of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband as they prepared to expose major corruption by CPS (Child Protective Services) in child kidnappings with the courts.
  48. Sought Deans at U.C Davis Law School and the U.C.L.A system plus Georgetown University get numerous colleges together especially those that have great liability with law and medical schools to seek remedy to assist Freeing the American Hostages held in these courts for years on end. These colleges are an outrage as to this heinous perpetrated harm.
  49. Relief Payments have been sought by me numerous times for victims which have always been denied. Relief payments must be provided to court crime victims when the crooked are government employees or officers in the courts.
  50. In late 2011, I took many actions against San Mateo County representative Congresswoman Jackie Speier. I called for protection of the community since crooks are still in their positions at the local court. A notice was made to the Board of Education to protect the community, plus I alerted a segment of the community because Media nor anyone will act.
  51. No politician should be violating my rights or anyone's rights, nor property rights.
  52. I sought relief payments with Congresswoman Speier for myself and other local court crime victims, this was denied.
  53. Immediately thereafter I read the Miranda rights to all members of the U.S. Congress. Many especially long term members of the U.S. Congress should be removed from office, I hope the Obama Administration has the guts to do so. These events are treason during times of war, these are political stooges in office. I would remove every member of the U.S. Congress over two years in any office.
  54. Issues on age and term limits for the U.S. Congress and changes to the whole structure.
  55. The Democratic and Republican system is broken it must be changed. Everyone should be Independent with NO payoffs and kickbacks for any individual in government. Higher salaries must be implemented instead of campaign funding and pay to play in elections must end along with SuperPac's.
  56. I support Get the Money Out of the election process.
  57. In my matter UAL Corp. was defrauded by Commissioner Susan Jakubowski when she terminated my marital status only for fraud in August 2007. In late 2011, since I still do not have a divorce decree or return of my stolen property nor payment for my massive harm I sought with the CEO of now Continental United Holding, CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle and CEO Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard all local big businesses to help get their employees out of San Mateo Superior Court due to the den of thieves operating in that court or in other courts.
  58. Requested further investigation of Judge John Schwartz in a matter related to CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle where CEO Ellison appeared to have been shaken down by a bunch of attorneys at San Mateo Superior Court. No shareholders were involved in the filed lawsuit and CEO Ellison settled without admitting fault. No wonder he is buying a Hawaiian Island, no one can trust their local county or state government.
  59. Issues related to the Meg Whitman/Governor Jerry Brown and Carly Fiorina/Senator Boxer 2010 election campaign as to omission of facts on exploding judicial corruption in the State of California.
  60. Issues with corporate securities trading publicly while the corporation commits fraudulent acts daily with the Securities Exchange Commission, especially with U.S. Banks in this foreclosure debacle.
  61. Issues related to a new U.S. based dollar and the ousting of the Federal Reserve and their fraudulent monetization policies.
  62. Requested all Governor's remove and terminate Constable systems if applicable in their respective state.
  63. In any county where I witnessed a thirty year District Attorney or long term government employees excessive organized crime and corruption exists.
  64. I was unlawfully seized taking a stand on rights for myself and others in the community against the office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier. This fraudulent seizure had conflicts of interest plus this incident increased violations to my life.
  65. Issues on identity theft
  66. Issues related to JP Morgan Chase, CEO Jaime Dimon who was sued by me in 2008. A money laundering or kickback scheme exists where my identity was altered with New York Supreme Courts. Many individuals in the Ulster County Clerk and the Ulster County Supreme Court tried to pass off fraud and identity theft of my person.The identity theft of this matter has now tied into medical identity issues with a particular woman and man. In May 2012, I filed a complaint on issues of accounting irregularities by JP Morgan Chase with the S.E.C.—Securities Exchange Commission. In June 2012, JP Morgan Chase now reported they may have close to $9 billion dollar in losses or write-offs. CEO Jaime Dimon and JP Morgan Chase colluded in my own personal court crime by not accepting mortgage payments. JP Morgan Chase sold their debt (they discharged this debt five years ago - wrote it off) to Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates. No contract exists with myself and either of these parties. Many frauds exist in the MERS, Mortgage Electronic Registration System by the banks from this derivative banking mortgage debacle.
  67. The debt collector system is fraud as is selling debt when banks write-off/discharge the debt, plus banks have mortgage insurance for defaults. How many times have the banks been bailed out?
  68. Issues on forced impoverishment, homelessness and the redistribution of wealth by the U.S. Government
  69. All foreclosures have countless frauds in this land grab
  70. Due to the absolute Holocaust like horror of corruption in the U.S. Courts and U.S. Government and no oversight this is TERRORISM & GENOCIDE to the American people.
  71. Redress of Grievances by the U.S. Government, a First Amendment Right has been called for by me to make settlement to all foreclosure victims, plus to the American Hostages in the courts. This has been initiated for the foreclosures by the U.S. Government in 2012 without going to court.

Bravo, Attorney General Holder but more media is needed on this topic.


"The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." —Thomas Jefferson